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Beginning in March of 2019, we began to send feedback survey's to all clients who received a service from one of our Curl Specialists. Most clients will respond, which we appreciate greatly. Sometimes the survey ends up in the spam or junk folder of the client, and we don't hear back. The survey's help us to know how we are doing, and what we can improve on. Thanks for the feedback, and hopefully the feedback you see here, will aid in your decision when it comes to choosing a Curly Salon.

In our humble opinion, we have the best Curly Clientele on the planet. We are humbled by all the positive feedback, and when the feedback is not so positive, we make every attempt to make things right, or learn from it and get better.

At More Than Curly, we understand how online reviews are a big help to consumers when it comes to making an informed decision on what business to patronize. Review sites such as Yelp, claim that they do not filter reviews, which is simply not true. When businesses do not pay the Yelp fees for their "free listing", and allow for it to continue to be a free account, there is a certain degree of "Yelp Retribution", along with constant sales calls from Yelp account managers. 


Yelp business listings are originally set up by a happy, or not so happy customer. Designed to be a "crowd-sourced review forum", Yelp has contributed to the success of many small businesses, and also has played it's part in giving a voice to the consumer. It's really beneficial to a business to have positive reviews, and we appreciate the platform Yelp has given our happy and not so happy clients. It should be noted however, that Yelp has an algorithm for non-paying businesses such as ours, that seems to eliminate too many positive reviews from first view, to try and level the playing field with other places of business in the same local industry. 

Below is just a sample of some of the filtered reviews, that never made it to our main Yelp page. 

**We also encourage the reading of the negative reviews about our Salon on Google and Yelp, to see if the "not so happy" experiences a client has had, may aid in your decision making when choosing a Curly Stylist at More Than Curly. Happy reading!

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