Tonya chaney - northfield Curl Specialist - $95+

More Than Curly Affiliate Tonya Chaney, is located inside the Phenix Salon Suites, 8384 Northfield Boulevard Suite #102 Denver, CO 80238

Tonya has been a licensed Cosmetologist for over 16 years and has completed her Curly Session training to become a More Than Curly Affiliate.

Tonya Chaney is a Master Stylist that specializes in hair styles that enhance your personal style. Tonya also has a passion for Big Chops, Pixie or Short Curly Cuts. 

A graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS in Marketing and over a decade of corporate experience, Tonya has paired her degree and business world experience with her passion for hair to teach, to create a successful salon environment.

“As a stylist, I am able to provide my clients with styles that make them feel confident, professional, and beautiful.”

Each Affiliate is independently owned and operated.

Taylor Lewis - Aurora Curl Specialist - $95+
Taylor Lewis - curl specialist

More Than Curly Affiliate Taylor Lewis, is located inside the Phenix Salon Suites in Aurora, 420 S Chambers Rd. #133 Aurora, CO 80017

In February of 2020, Taylor decided to pursue her dream of becoming an independent Salon Owner as a More Than Curly Affiliate in Aurora. Join us in congratulating her on this new venture, and WOW what a time this is!


If you would like to book with Taylor, please fill out a NEW CLIENT FORM, and select AURORA as your preferred location. As an affiliate, Taylor is an independent business owner, and will be in touch with you to schedule your appointment.

“I became interested in doing curly hair the day I “big chopped” my own hair. From there, I wanted a clean slate and my own personal understanding of natural curls, and the beauty of being a natural curly girl. What sets me apart as a stylist, is the passion I have for curly hair. I love curly hair, and how versatile curly hair can be. It ignites a flame within me to love what I do, it’s a challenge that most haircare professionals shy away from, and that keeps me motivated.


I think excellent customer service is getting to know my client and making them feel at home. It’s giving someone the confidence to be who they truly are, and to keep them coming back for more. I want my clients to feel warm, welcomed and educated, from the time they walk in, to the time they walk out the door.

My clients and myself are my motivation. I believe my “Big Chop” experience, gives me a way to relate to clients with their own adventurous curly hair dreams. I want to motivate others to know it is a beautiful thing being naturally curly. I also want to inspire confidence in my clients to wear their hair curly.

What makes me “More Than” would be my heart and my compassion for others, the desire to see curly hair people embrace who they TRULY are. I wanted to be part of the More Than Curly team when I met Jason and Melissa, the environment was like no other. You won’t always get family, love, hope, encouragement, and a sense of “forever” working at a regular job, and that to me is what makes this experience more than… more than a job, more than a career, more than happiness, I love it here.”

Phone: 303-739-CURL (2875)


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